We have a huge bedroom department (400m2), from where you can choose not only beautiful beds but ones with a comfortable feel to them.

There is a grand selection of beds- as well as mattresses, cabinets, bedside tables and sofa beds.

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Custom-made beds

Always wanted a bed that fits you to perfection! We make custom-made beds according to the customer’s wishes.

Did you know that a custom-made bed can improve the quality of your sleep enormously? A good mattress and bed base provides support, ventilation and comfort. If your bed is adjusted to your body, you will sleep better and wake up more rested. Many mattresses and bed bases are mass-produced. They provide support but are not made specifically for you! At Imperial Furniture we give advice on a custom-made bed, geared to your body. We take the time for this because we know better than anyone how much difference a good bed can make!