Table oak LUZ

Table Luz in Oak ,choose your size from 180 till 350cm, choose you legs and matching colour. Price on request.

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Imperial Furniture works together with a wood factory that creates exclusive and different products that transmit deep and unique sensations.The manufacturing process these wooden tables is handcrafted.

It begins with a careful selection of the logs in the forest and sawmills. The pieces are selected one by one with meticulous care, incorporating any species whose size, uniqueness and characteristics allow us to think that the result of its elaboration will give us exceptional and unique sensations.Drying is carried out in the conditions and time necessary for the wood not to deteriorate and for its future behaviour to be as expected.

The cutting of the pieces is carried out preserving the characteristics of each one and guaranteeing the adequate behaviour of the wood in the future.The production design takes into account the fact that each log and piece of wood is unique, so that its characteristics must be appreciated on the table.The manual production is carried out by specialised carpenters who give each piece of wood the appropriate treatment so that each table is as unique as the piece of wood from which it comes.The final finishing of each table is done by treating each type of wood with the most suitable natural products that guarantee the maintenance of its properties and characteristics.

They manufactures its tables from logs that are obtained in accordance with the regulations in force in each country:

– All the wood used by this company enters Spain in compliance with the permits established both at origin and destination, perfectly identified (we provide certification of the origin of the wood) and subject to compliance with the international legislation governing the timber trade.The timber comes from forests regulated by resource management and exploitation plans, guaranteeing their long-term sustainability through their exploitation, the increase of forest mass and the improvement of biodiversity.Nature woods have a phytosanitary certificate that guarantees that they have undergone a phytosanitary control in compliance with the sanitary requirements of our country.