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Let us know which topper you are looking for and we will give you a suitable advice for your mattress.Price size 180×200 from 225€.

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To complete the picture, we also have a choice of toppers.
If your mattress is too hard and you don’t want to spend too much, we have a nice economical topper for you.
In our luxury selection of toppers you will find toppers with pocket springs or made of natural material or even camel hair.

Topper Quer: Handcrafted topper made from a selection of natural products.Each layer consists of natural elements and the mattress is assembled by hand.Provides maximum breathability.THE CAMEL HAIR, DUCTILE AND PLEASANT TO THE TOUCH, PROVIDES WARMTH AND SOFTNESS TO  MOST NATURAL AND HANDCRAFTED LINE QUER

Topper memory foam: Non-GMO Soy Memory Foam topper providing pressure relief.

Topper Terfeel: Maximum breathability, 4 times higher than conventional HR. Relieves pressure points and provides a dry, pleasant and healthy sleep.