Imperial Furniture is an exclusive dealer of the renowned Dutch outdoor furniture brand LIFE. The LIFE Outdoor Furniture is only sold by Imperial Furniture in the Marbella region. We serve customers in the entire region from Estepona, to La Cala de Mijas, and San Pedro. Are you living in the Costa del Sol and are you looking for quality and trendy outdoor furniture for your garden or patio? Look no further! In this article you’ll find all the information you need about the materials LIFE uses, the variety of product groups and the latest trends.

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Materials LIFE Outdoor Living

LIFE’s garden furniture is renowned for its high quality and design. The high-quality aluminum, certified teak and Textilene (woven, coated polyester) makes the LIFE garden furniture very durable and lasts longer than other outdoor furniture. The garden furniture is 100% weatherproof. Cushions are available in different fabrics which are All Weather, the more natural Soltex or the softer Conforma. Every fabric is available in a wide variety of colors for you to choose from.

Products LIFE Outdoor Living

LIFE Outdoor Living is a brand that solely designs and manufactures Outdoor furniture. Therefore the quality is always high and the design is always trendy and up to today’s standards. LIFE has many different styles to choose from ranging from contemporary to rural and from industrial to minimalistic. Therefore there is something for everyone’s taste.

The product types of LIFE Outdoor Living are:

  • Lounge – a wide variety of lounge benches, hockers and (coffee) tables
  • Dining – outdoor dining tables and chairs in many different styles and designs
  • Benches – an array of benches and footstools
  • Sun Loungers – sun loungers and relax chairs, designed for the ultimate sunbathing experience
  • Parasols – from big to small and easy to store. Keep cool in the shade


Would you like to sit in comfort and style in your own garden? In the Lounge category you’ll find everything needed for the sitting area in your garden or patio. LIFE has multiple lounge sets that contain lounge chairs and benches. You can choose your own composition in the AYA or BLOCK Lounge sets. All sets are customizable to your personal taste with your own choice in combinations, materials, fabrics and colors. Your lounge set will be one of kind once you have designed your own sitting area!

Some other examples of the LIFE Outdoor lounge furniture:

LIFE outdoor has many more Lounge lines. Want to find out which ones? Download or open the 2021 brochure and see for yourself.


Nothing beats dining outside with your family or friends. Good quality dining furniture is essential to fully experience outside dining. Are you looking for this experience? LIFE Outdoor Living has a wide variety of the best quality dining tables and chairs. You can mix and match by choosing the materials like aluminum and teak together with your favorite color(s). Maybe the following examples will tempt your fantasy.


Benches are essential in any garden or patio. With a well-placed bench you will have a nice place for a quick pitstop in your favorite spot in the garden. You can also place a bench next to your dining table so your family and friends can all gather around the diner table. LIFE Outdoor Living has benches with or without a backrest. To complete the bench collection LIFE also has matching hockers and footstools.

Sun Loungers

A Sun Lounger is probably the most iconic piece of garden furniture out there. They exist in many different designs, forms and qualities. The LIFE Outdoor Living sun loungers are top-tier in quality and design. Are you looking for the ultimate sunbathing and relaxing experience? Make sure to check out the LIFE Outdoor Living sun loungers!


The sun can be lovely but also very hot! Every garden or patio should have a parasol to give shade and cooling from the sun. You also want the parasol to be stylish and practical. LIFE Outdoor Living has the perfect parasols for your garden. The parasols mostly have a sturdy base on wheels so you can shade the place you want to shade. No more moving your furniture around the garden just to sit in the shade!

Imperial Furniture: your LIFE Outdoor Living supplier

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